Quitting is for sissies


For some people, coping with failure just means giving up.

I’m reminded of a story my father told me when I had lost an important tennis match.  I wasn’t very good and played poorly,  but he encouraged me to stay the course and ramp up practicing.

“The people who are remembered in life are the people who, when they failed, didn’t give up, but tried again,” he said.

“Remember Winston Churchill?  Remember Thomas Edison.  They didn’t give up,” he continued.  “Remember John McCringle?

I’d never heard of the last guy, so I said who’s John McCringle?

“See?” Daddy replied.  You don’t remember him because he gave up.”  There will always be winners and losers and it’s likely all humans will get a taste of both.

I sure hope the Saints win this weekend since my dawgs couldn’t pull it off.

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