Read it and weep – top ten worst foods!


Don’t try this if you’re over 21.

I just read about the top ten worst foods – in terms of playing havoc with your health.

Someone  has crunched the numbers and revealed what you’re getting when you order one of those Wendy’s Mushroom Swiss Burgers. They look harmless enough and you know how healthy mushrooms are, right?  Wrong.

“A 1/4 lb. of fresh, hot ‘n juicy beef, topped with natural Swiss cheese, sautéed Portabella mushroom blend, hickory smoked bacon, a savory peppercorn sauce, crisp lettuce and red, ripe tomato.”   This burger should have been named the Glutton Burger.

It has 850 calories and 48 grams fat – 18 saturated. It also contains a whopping 1950 grams of sodium. So expect to be thirsty all afternoon if you eat one. I guess it would be okay if you eat nothing but celery for the rest of the day!

A regular 1/4 pound hamburger has 170 fewer calories and 16 fewer grams of fat! Stick with the chili and a baked potato if you want to watch your girlish figure, Wendy!

Tomorrow I’ll tell you about Taco Bell’s Fully Loaded nachos.  You will be shocked out of your gourd.

One thought on “Read it and weep – top ten worst foods!

  1. Hi Em,
    The only short order food I can get due to my food sensitivities is their baked potato, plain, and a dinner salad with no cheese or crotons or dressing, and a cup of chili without cheese. Just the chili by itself is filling due to the beans, but if I want more variety, I top off the potato and salad with the chili. Not bad, and REALLLLLY handy when on the road. I just wish every highway had Wendy’s all along the route.

    By the way, how many calories and gms of fat in a cup of that chili, minus cheese, of course?

    This is scarey stuff!

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