Redneck Christmas Parade to roll tonight

red neck parade

I just heard on television that the village of Big Creek (located in Calhoun County, Mississippi) will hold its annual Redneck Christmas Parade tonight. That’s only about a 40 mile drive for me – I may just have to check it out.

All are welcome to participate. “If you can pull it, push it, drive it or drag it, you are welcome to ride,” read the public service announcement. Big Creek registered a population of 127 during the 2000 census. Holding its own Christmas parade is an ambitious undertaking, but few thing are impossible for rednecks from Mississippi.

Case in point – note the creative computer chair below. Do you really need a plush leather number which will set you back a thousand dollars. Someone you know probably has an old John sitting it out back. Why not put it to good use. I have one sitting outside a rental unit. I was going to plant it in pansies, but on second thought, I think I will put it on rollers and get someone to push me in the parade tonight.


6 thoughts on “Redneck Christmas Parade to roll tonight

  1. Come on over. Just remember Calhoun is a dry county. I gurantee you’ll laugh. they also have a great fireworks display agterwards. Plant to eat at the Boardwalk, right on main street. It is a stak house. The coconut pie it to kill for. I’ll watch for you all.

  2. Last year for a fund raiser at work, someone took a toilet, decorated it really rednec, then put it on a dolly. It was placed in various peoples office, for their office chair, until they donated or raised enough funds to have it moved to another office. It was a lot of fun. I can’t take credit, just had a good laugh.

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