Rejuvenated and invigorated

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I promised myself I would quit blogging and get a life.

Then I discovered a product that I wanted to share. I don’t know how to do facebook, so  I blog – that’s what I do.

My old house was renovated  15 years ago and everything is needing to be refreshed. .. especially my floors  which have taken a beating due to my penchant for rearranging every other month and my love of wild animals (my friends are a little wild too).

My best bid for the job was $3000 and I was about to consider carpeting my beautiful old oak floors.


I  found a product called Rejuvenate and for $35 I refinished my floors myself.  I was very happy with the results and I didn’t even have to move  out of the house.

It took me all weekend to do the dining room and tomorrow I tackle the kitchen.  Love this product.  My only regret is not ordering the mop.  I had to safety pin a microfiber rag onto my mop because no one in my town carries such a product.

Love my house again!

4 thoughts on “Rejuvenated and invigorated

  1. I am so glad you have not quit Blogging!!!! I know you want to get a life, but, we depend on you out here,please keep it up!!!

    I REALLY want to know where you got that product, have a kitchen and dining room
    that needs is so much!!!

    Thank you!

    Shannon P

  2. I ordered it online. BUT I was shocked to see a TV ad yesterday where you can get all the products I ordered for less plus a special mop for applying the stuff and other goodies for around $25. Wish I could have gotten that instead. I couldn’t find the microfiber “bonnets” anywhere to put on over my damp mop to apply the product and ending up having to improvise.

    I think Home Depot carries the product. Lowe’s used to, but no longer in my town. Google Rejuvenate and you can read all about it. They have a dynomite upholstery cleaner which is also great.

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