Relieving boredom

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If you’re like me (afflicted with a little touch  of Attention Deficit Disorder), it’s downright painful to get stuck in a line. 

When you find yourself with a bottle of Ketchup while the lady in front of you has 1,000 little bags of potato chips to be checked one at a time (happened to me yesterday in Fred’s), instead of focusing on your frustration, try playing some mind games says the editor of Everydayhealth,com.


Count how many people are wearing yellow and how many blue, make up mental stories about the lives of those around you, or just do some people watching. I like to look at what other people are buying and wonder what on earth they do with those pigs feet. You’ll keep your mind entertained and off the subject of how much you wish you could just push your way to the front of the line.

And by all means, if the person behind you has only a few items – let him or her get in front of you.  You’ll get paid back in kind one day when you are really in a hurry.  What goes around, comes around, don’t you know?

If all else fails, and you can’t change the situation, try turning to a trusted mantra — “Don’t sweat the small stuff” — to change your attitude. That way, when you’re standing behind a particularly agitated person, for example, you can avoid focusing on negative feelings and refocus on the positive.

Douglas Cootey, a blogger with ADHD, says he carries a boredom survival kit jam-packed with items like a notepad and pens, an iPod, a book or magazine, and other things he can focus on when a dull moment strikes. Just knowing he has options calms his anxiety.  I often pass time standing in line by reading the magazines usually located at the check out counter.  If I don’t finish reading an article that interests me, I can finish it next time I come in to the store.  I figure that’s what that magazine stand is there for!

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