Remembering Mrs. Higgins

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She always wanted us to call her Kathy, especially after we spent the best part of a week carousing on her daughter’s houseboat located on the breathtaking Lake Travis outside Austin, Texas. But she was always Mrs. Higgins to us, and she was an anomaly in West Point Mississippi where her Mary Poppins British accent was a novelty she never lost.

Kathy Higgins, who died Sunday, is pictured above on her 90th birthday with her daughter Carole and granddaughters Stephanie and Meredith.  Mrs. Higgins made her last trip home yesterday where she will be buried beside her husband in West Point.  Services are Thursday at 3 First United Methodist Funeral home. Visitation is at 1 p.m.

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She is pictured with our classmate and her dear friend, Norma, at her going away party thrown in her honor when she decided to sell her home and move to Austin.  Was that only a year ago? We last saw her in October when she traveled with Carole and Don for our class reunion.

A very proper British lady for the first 50 something years of our lives, we learned somewhere around the turn of the century that she could let her hair down with the best of us.  Even though she was 30 years our senior, she could match us toe to toe as we cavorted about Austin.

Raised in England she told us stories of how she stood under a tree and watched the German bombs exploding all around her.  Then she met Mr. Higgins and decided to become an American and raise her beautiful daughter Carole in West Point where the family operated a “Five and Dime.”

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Kathy Higgins slipped away quietly at age 94 Sunday morning after suffering a stroke.  That’s sort of the way she lived her life – gently and quietly – and she will be missed by the girls of the Class of ‘65 who viewed her as an honorary member.

And yet another of The Greatest Generation fades away.  Olivia and I figure that doesn’t leave many of our parents – my Dad, Hazel’s parents, Mickey’s Hargis’ mother Shirley, Nancy Manning Moak’s mother LemaThomas , Heard’s mother Mary Murphy, Kathy Scalzo Wood’s parents, Skippy Taylor’s mother and Sonny Wray’s mother.  If you know of other parents of the Class of ‘65 still living please let me know.

7 thoughts on “Remembering Mrs. Higgins

  1. A beautiful tribute to a lovely lady! She loved her family dearly and was so proud of her little “great” when referring to Chase. Thinking back to her leaving WP only a year ago, I knew without a doubt the thing she would miss most would be her church, FUMC. She was a lady with a strong faith that inspires me daily. I still look out from the choir to see who is sitting in Mrs. Higgins’ place each Sunday. I already miss you Mrs. Higgins but thank God for the time I had you for my “other Mother” when I lost mine. My only regret, we never got to play bridge together, I hear she played it with such passion and was quite the accomplished player. Maybe it’s a good thing we didn’t, this way she wasn’t disappointed in me. Love you Mrs. Higgins and Carole!

  2. Soooo many memories of that sweet lady, her husband, and their store. I bought so many school supplies and other things there. Glad she was blessed with a long life.

  3. How well I remember that sweet lady and her husband! I felt so grown up when my parents just gave me money when I was quite young ,and I went into their 5 & dime and bought my school supplies all by myself. Now that I think back on it, I’m sure they watched over me to make sure I bought just what I needed.

  4. I remember that sweet lady well and how much fun it was to go to “Higgin’s”.

  5. We have another sweet lady, Ronnie Tiffin’s mom, Mrs. Jewel Tiffin. Also there is Mrs. Peggy White, David White’s mom.

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