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Does anyone (especially alums of West Point High School) remember TWIRP week?

I haven’t thought about it in years until my classmate, Olivia, sent me a note yesterday relating a story that appeared in the Tuscaloosa newspaper.   For those of you with NO memory, it was a week – we think in February – when the girls got to ask the boys out, carry their books, wash their cars etc.

twirp week

Remember, this was the 1960s when no self respecting woman would call a boy, much less ask him for a date or open a door in his presence.

TWIRP stands for “the woman is required to pay.”  That’s news to me. I thought it meant we needed to ask out our favorite “twerp”, as in some goofy guy.  Not so.

As luck would have it, I was always between boyfriends during TWIRP week so I would take out the oldest friend I had of the male gender. He was also my neighbor and playmate since we were less than four feel tall.   His name was Phil Dickerson and he would eventually meet his wife when he and I double dated with his fraternity brother and a “State girl.”  She stole him from right under my nose! How’s that for being a twerp!  But it’s okay.  We remain good friends to this day and “Mo” as he refers to her was a great choice.


Anyway, in our research into this riveting piece of our past, we are wondering if the week culminated in the Powder Puff Football game which was played by the girls in our school.   And was it around Valentines Day as we vaguely remember?  Inquiring minds need to know.

12 thoughts on “Remembering TWIRP week

  1. Thanks for the memories!! I do remember Twerp/Twirp week. Those
    were the good old days.

    Hope you are doing well my friend!!

    Susanne Allen Thomas

  2. I remember Twirp Week but don’t think it ended in a girl’s powder puff football game. Didn’t know what the letters stood for, thanks for that information. Twirp Week brings back many memories!!

  3. I do certainly remember twerp week. We always had a dance and girls got to ask the boys out. Don’t remember this week being connected to Valentines Day or the powder puff game. Thanks for dredging up this great memory! Oh, wait….Eugene has just pulled out his Greenwave from Jan. 29, 1962. An article by Nancy Manning says “This year TWIRP week will be observed Feb. 16-23.” Nancy mentions a dance sponsored by the Student Council and the Teacher-Senior basketball game. That was 1962. So it was close to Valentine’s Day and a strange sports event. Surely somebody remembers other years!!! Fun times.

  4. No powder puff football in my teen life, but we had Twirp week…. I asked a “boy” from another high school so if he said no I wouldn’t have to see him in the halls! Talk about teen aged self confidence…..

  5. I remember Twirp Week. I had forgotten about it too. You think schools still
    have it? Haven’t heard about it in a long time. I remember we had to ask
    the boy out, pick him up, pay for everything, and I do remember there was always a dance. Fun times we had!! Enjoy reading your posts.

  6. I do remember the strange sports event…the only time I was eligible to compete in an athletic event at WPHS…the Teacher-Senior basketball game! And dear R B Davis let me wear his size 13 Converse sneakers since I wore some kind of clown suit(I guess I thought they would be lucky!)…obviously, my basketball career was extremely brief. I think the teachers won our game!

  7. Same here MC-no one wanted me on their team. I don’t remember teacher – student basketball game. The nice thing about getting together with old friends is that we all have different memories and combined we have a pretty good composite of our youth.

  8. Brought back wonderful memories Emily! I remember Twerp/Twirp (WHATEVERRRR) week very well.! I still have most of my school annuals. You reminded me I should pull them out and reminisce. I love doing that and your site really allows me to do that!

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