Rethinking reality TV – just a little

porter ridge

Since I often make snap judgments without getting all the facts, I would like to reconsider “reality TV.”  At least in the case of “Porter Ridge”, a new entry into the reality genre.


Created by the producers of Duck Dynasty, this is probably destined for reality fame, especially since one of its stars is the son of our good friend, Annie Goodson Frye.

I strive never to cast judgments on any group of people, so I’m open minded about the future of Porter Ridge.  I don’t know which man in the lead photo is Annie’s son, Barry, but he’s got to be good.

“Porter Ridge,” a peculiar slice of self-described “hilljack” lifestyles airs on Tuesdays on the Discovery Channel. They call it “backwoods comedy,” and I’m ready for a laugh or two.

As inspiration, Duck Dynasty, never did it for me. I thought it was a cartoon – like Daffy Duck, but no, it’s a bunch of hairy men doing droll things like declaring war on a bunch of beavers. It features an entire cast of Gomer Piles minus.Andy Griffith.  Maybe I didn’t give it enough time, but as a borderline senior citizen, I don’t have that much time left

I bet “Porter Ridge” will be more like Andy and Barney doing something good for the citizens of Mayberry. Yeah! Maybe I’ll give reality television one more chance. Or, maybe I should just get a life outside of the small screen.

3 thoughts on “Rethinking reality TV – just a little

  1. It is a total embarrassment to the state of Indiana!!
    I live 30 miles away and totally shamed !!

  2. Thank you “DD” for a plug for our dear Barry Moore!!!! And by the way, he is front row second from the right. I so wish my Daddy were here to see it. He was an Indiana guy too and would be so very proud of his nephew.

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