Retrotherapy – works for me!

nancytI take back every negative comment I’ve ever made about Facebook because the website helped reunite me with a very good old friend who now lives in Memphis. (We agreed not to use the word ‘old’ but it seemed necessary.)

Nancy Kennedy and I met in a divorce recovery seminar about 15 years ago and the two of us recovered almost instantly when we became good friends and running mates.  I’ll never forget the evening we went trick or

tiger cuff

treating together – me in my wedding dress (held together by shoe laces) and Nancy in a tuxedo.  I was the bride of Frankenstein and she was ole Frank himself.  No role has ever been so miserably miscast  – at least for Nancy..

Anyway, I learned that Nancy, a physical therapist by profession, has started an intriguing business called “Retrotherapy.”  She founded the company last year when her mother was ill and she was spending a lot of time in her hometown of Hattiesburg.

She became enamored with some of her family heirloom jewelry and began playing around with ideas for new uses for the pieces.  Retrotherapy was born. Today, her specialty is handcrafted bracelets made with pieces from southern estates which she mounts on leather or metal cuffs imported from France.

nancy bracelets

Retrotherapy is now offered at several upscale Memphis specialty shops including Lavish, Past and Presents in Collierville, The Nest in Germantown, Social in East Memphis, and The Delta Bohemian in Clarksdale, MS.  I’m hoping we can bring the line to the Golden Triangle.   If you’d like to see more , or want to custom order something, ask me for details!!


The pieces are simply beautiful, and since I love anything from the past, I’ll be wearing her pieces.  Maybe I’ll even get her to come down for a trunk sale and we can revive our roles as the stars of Frankenstein.

Google “Retrotherapy” to see more of her designs on her Facebook page.  Stunning.

9 thoughts on “Retrotherapy – works for me!

  1. Hey!, It’s Frank! Thanks for sharing my story! Hope to see you soon!

  2. Oh Emily, interesting! This is really a neat way to enjoy antique brooches that are lying in old jewelry boxes. We must get her down for a trunk showing.

  3. Love this jewelry, especially the uniqueness of it. Hopefully, Nancy will have a trunk show in the very near future!!

  4. A lady can never have enough jewlery, especially unique pieces. These look wonderful and such fun haveing retro pieces that are all different. I’d love to have a trunk show here in Starkville. Come see us Nancy, Hope to meet you soon.

  5. You were right!….I am in….Let me know when Frank will be in the Golden Triangle…and I will try to be there also…..

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