"Rococo" restores hope for big dreams

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I just finished reading my book club’s October selection.   “Rococo” by Adriana Trigiani was both funny and thought provoking. But most importantly, it reminded me that miracles still happen in our everyday lives. Sometimes we might even miss them when we’re preoccupied with trivialities!

In the closing chapters, the main character,  Bartolomeo, remembers why family and friends make the fabric of our lives so colorful and meaningful. In between all the bickering, stewing and everyday problems with money and morals, we can emerge better and happier and store up priceless memories. 

I began crying as I finished the book and Rebel Dawg was watching me like I might be turning him over to the Humane Society or something.  I walked outside, and the carillons at Mississippi State were playing “Blest Be the Tide That Binds.” 

I began sobbing for all the missed opportunities I have let slip by.   Tomorrow I will do better.

I once read that five years from now we will be the exact people we are today except for: the people we meet, the places we go and the books we read. I’m not going anywhere, and I have all the friends I’ll ever need; the books are going to take me somewhere else.

2 thoughts on “"Rococo" restores hope for big dreams

  1. are you serious when u say u have all the friends u’ll ever need? I thought there was suppose to always be room for more friends

  2. No, Martha, I meant it. I have great friends – many dating to grammar school. I have all I need – but maybe not all I WANT! Always room for more.

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