Rotfwl – it’s a good thang! (I think)

rolling in floor

I received a comment from my friend Carole regarding a story I did earlier in the week – about burning my beautiful asparagus sandwiches. She posted a comment with the words. “Just read your story and I’m ROTFWL.”

I wrote her back and asked if ROTFWL can be treated and is it contagious (I recently spent time with her on her houseboat in Austin, Texas, and I certainly don’t want ROTFWL…sounds dreadful).

She seemed puzzled that I didn’t know that ROTFWL is computer chat lingo for “rolling on the floor with laughter.” It got me thinking about some of the websites I visit and people are talking about their DH (dear husband). For the longest I thought it was their hairdryer. Many add “LOL” (lost in lala land?) to their not so funny comments. BUT neeew. It means “laughing out loud” which I think they add to fool you into laughing.

Here are few others which may have puzzled you.

“Fouled” Up Beyond All Repair / Recognition – I’ll be using this one alot.

Not In My Back Yard – I can’t think of a single time I would use this. (Well, maybe if someone stopped by and asked to use my facilities – IMBY, I will respond.

Pain In The (ahem, posterior). I love pita sandwiches – no wonder I’m not feeling well.

Plain Old Telephone Service (I guess I am all out of pots since I canceled my land based phone.)


Wicked Evil Grin. I guess a WEG followed by LOL makes the perfect conversation.

Life has become so complicated. Now we have a whole new langauge to learn. You can check out a complete dictionary of acronyms by googling “webchat abbreviations.” There are about a million sites to educate yourself. But don’t worry, I will continue to use POE – plain old English unless I’m talking RNS (red neck slang).

Now go out and HAGD (have a good day.)

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