Rudolph and company visits Starkville

Deer with hats, framed

My friend, Carmen Haynes, shot this photo of Rudolph – and I think Donner and Nixen – in her backyard. They were feasting on her rose bushes. At first she thought they were common Mississippi white tailed deer, but the hats tipped her off.

Word has it she negotiated a contract with Santa to let the deer come down each year to fattening them up in preparation for that long, grueling Christmas ride.

Carmen, I think you should charge admission. You could probably pay for Christmas on your receipts alone.

One thought on “Rudolph and company visits Starkville

  1. Knowing Carmen (I used to be married to her old principal!), she TOLD those deer in her best “teacher” voice to put those hats on!! And, they didn’t dare disobey her!

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