Safety message for Friday 13

burned up ddasg

Good morning everyone.   This Safety Message was forward by Mark Bogard at Eastman Chemical.  The message is that some  (in fact most)  vehicle power outlets stay “live” after the ignition key has been turned-off and the key removed.

Who knew?  I don’t pretend to understand vehicular electrical systems, but this information might be worth heeding.

Please check your vehicle for “live” outlets and disconnect devices when exiting the vehicle.  Here is his message:

“Hi All,
As some of you may know, we had a pretty scary incident recently.

Here’s what remains of our 2007 Suburban.  We are all okay but I wanted to warn everyone not to make the same mistake I did.

This fire resulted from leaving an iPhone charger/docking station plugged into the car outlet.  It overheated and started a fire, while parked in our garage.  PLEASE unplug anything you have in your car outlets once you turn off your car!

We were VERY fortunate that we accidentally found the fire, at 11pm, before going to bed and before it spread to the house.  None of our garage heat detectors or house fire alarms went off (another item to take care of on my to do list).  The boys, Jonathan and I were pretty freaked out but we’re all enjoying our new car at least. “

I can only assume this message is valid, but I thought I’d pass it along just in case…better safe than sorry!

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