Salad in a wheelbarrow

salad in a wheelbarrow 001

Today, I finally got to satisfy my need to plant something.

Last year we grew some wonderful lettuces in my old wheelbarrow which we rolled to the only sunny spot in my garden. One of the drawbacks to living in an old home,  is that they are usually surrounded by huge oaks, several hundreds of years old.

I especially loved the arugula I grew last year. I ate it right out of the wheelbarrow and loved the peppery taste, but haven’t been able to locate any this year.  Romaine was the only variety available on Saturday when I began the lettuce hunt.

Maturity is 75 days, but I expect I can begin to harvest by Easter.

Here’s my arugula from last year – let me know if you see any around the Golden Triangle.

6 thoughts on “Salad in a wheelbarrow

  1. What do you mean – “it’s in the mail?” The postman is going to deliver? Will he plant it as well? Wouldn’t that be spectacular?

    By the way, would you like some moonvine for the summer. Brenda gave me a ton of seeds, have seeds, will deliver!

  2. Would like some moonvine seeds—–love to plant seeds—and stand back and watch them grow.

    Shirley D

  3. Emily- would you deliver those moonvine seeds to Ponchatoula?? Or, just send me some, if you please!! 39421 Kraft Drive/ Ponchatoula,LA 70454. Thanks!!!

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