Santa arrived in Fed Ex truck this year

I’m guessing Rudolph got sick of being the butt of all the reindeer jokes and decided to sleep through Christmas this year.  My gifts all came early in a gas powered vehicle.  My family and I have already cleared the gift giving portion of Christmas due to work schedules.

I’m wee bit ashamed to tell you we elected to open the brown boxes instead of re-wrapping all the stash.  We figured it saved on the expense of gift wrapping paper and scotch tape, and there was the added surprise in opening the gifts without a clue as to whom they belonged. 

“Wow, a electronic thingamadoochie,” I shouted after opening something black and unidentifiable.  “Oh that’s Braddock’s Sat Nav,” corrected William who jerked it away before I could break it. What the heck is a Sat Nav anyway. 

Half the gifts under the tree were totally foreign to my 60-something brain.  Sometime since last Christmas I turned 100 years old. 

Today is installation day for my two new Echo “dots” which will allow me to chat with Alexa from any location in the house. (If you’ve not heard of this novel invention you must be living under a rock)

 I was shocked to learn that somewhere in the universe my private conversations with Alexa, my electronic roommate, are all saved for posterity.  (I’ve dog-cussed her on many occasions when she failed to respond to my outrageous requests: “Alexa, wash the dishes,” I command.  “I can’t help you with that,” she answers. 

But back to the topic -I highly recommend skipping the rewrap when you order your gifts on line. But I am writing a letter to Fed Ex requesting they order red and green boxes for next year. (I’m sure someone will scream this will not be politically correct and completely unacceptable.  Poppycock.) 



3 thoughts on “Santa arrived in Fed Ex truck this year

  1. LOL……Merry Christmas …my sweet friend…I can always count on for a gigggle! ?????

  2. Merry Christmas, Emily. Thank you for the many laughs I have had during my dark time. I do hope you and your family have a wonderfully blessed Christmas and the beginning and all through 2017.

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