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easy saver

My compliments to Walgreen’s on a pretty nifty program that I’ll be taking advantage of from now on.

I found out about their Easy Saver program  by accident.  I was perusing the lipstick aisle looking for Revlon’s new creme lip gloss (which is fabulous by the way).  The clerk came up behind me and said “It’s free this month, you know.” 

Say what?  “What’s the catch?” I asked. I’ve lived long enough to understand nothing is free in this world – especially not a hot new lipstick on which Revlon is spending thousands to promote.

“No catch,” she said as she presented me with a small catalog of Walgreen’s February specials.  It contained $519 worth of coupons and rebates.  Store personnel will file for the rebate for you or you can simply log onto and your check’s in the mail.  Not only that but I got $5 off my next purchase.  The clerk let me apply the discount on that day’s purchase which is fortunate because my purse gobbles up coupons like candy.

I figure if I need toothpaste, pain reliever, lotions or hair care products. I might as well buy the items featured in the monthly catalog and get anywhere from $5 to $10 off the purchase.

A new catalog comes out each month. Among big savings this month are Dove Bars (just in time for Valentines), Hawaiian Tropic Sunless Tanning lotion,  Viactiv Calcium Chews, and all kinds of cold and flu medications.  If you buy $20 worth of Nexxus hair care products, you get $10 back in the mail.  Buy Clairol Perfect 10 hair color (not that I would ever color my hair, no sir) and get a $5 gift card.  The list goes on and on.

My gosh.  Shopping is almost fun again.  Ask your Walgreens clerk for a catalog.

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