We saved the world! (or so they said)

img_2532My boys (Braddock on left and William on right) and I have something BIG to be thankful about today.

And so do you since we worked tirelessly over the weekend to crack the code providing an antidote to a deadly virus which would have destroyed the world.  Yup, you heard it here.  We’re having a press conference later today with CNN and FOX.

We participated in a special project conducted by a new business called “Get Our of Starkville”.  We were locked in a room and given one hour to unearth clues to discover where an evil Mississippi State University  professor had hidden the formula for a virus he developed to destroy the population..  With one minute, 12 seconds remaining we found the final clue which revealed the recipe for an antidote.

Yay us. You may all go about your business today with confidence that the virus has been contained.   (You may send flowers if you like.)

This was great fun if you’re looking for something to do with your adult kids.  I basically held the flashlight while they scurried about, crunching numbers and crawling under tables.  The owner said we had the best time and were among the very few teams to actually solve the mystery. Maybe we can have our own reality show.


Speaking of reality, earlier we did some snorkling and swam with a school of stingrays and one very mean looking whale -thanks to the virtual reality studio Braddock set up in my spare bedroom. You wear a funny looking headset which mamgically places you in the middle of various scenarios.   Yes, we had to remove all the furniture to keep from killing ourselves..   I even flew into Paris (not in a plane mind you but flapping my arms) zooming down to the Eiffel Tower.  You navigate with two hand held remotes.

What a trip!  I eased out of the room and went to look for a barf bag. Flying is fabulous, but I wonder how the birds manage to keep down their breakfast.  Today I’m going to jump out of a plane and if I survive I’ll ski down Mount Everest.

My Bucket List will be completed at last.


5 thoughts on “We saved the world! (or so they said)

  1. Don’t hold your breath Beverly, there will surely be more Emily adventures to come. You can count on it!

  2. Such fun with your boys.. Your young spirt and creativity are a joy, to read about and be on your company!

  3. Sounds like fun, love reading your articles! I wish you and your boys a happy Christmas season and enjoy your virtual reality trips!!

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