Saying good-bye to The Pig


My neighborhood grocery, The Piggly Wiggly, is about to fade into oblivion and I’m not happy about it.

It took me five years to stop calling it Foodmax which was the original name of the store.  Just when I got used to calling it The Pig, it changes again.

Coming soon we will have Belle’s Supermarket, or Bell’s depending on who you talk to over at The Pig.  A google search turned up a Bell’s Food Store in Athens, Georgia, which sounds like what we may be getting.  Very mixed reviews.

Piggly-Wiggly-bookcoverOh, well, as long as they keep Mary, my favorite checker, and Wayne, my favorite sacker, I’ll be happy.

Piggly Wiggly has a long and wonderful history,  It was founded in 1916 in Memphis, TN. by Clarence Saunders who was considered a maverick.

He came up with the concept of letting customers pick out their own groceries from shelves.   It was the first true self-service grocery, a novel concept at the time. Since customers could roam around and pick out their own food items, packaging and advertising became very important.  Other stores borrowed the idea and soon self-service took over the industry.

I have such fond memories as a child visiting the Piggly Wiggly while visiting my grandmother in Prentiss, MS.  I loved the name of the store.  It was as simple as that.  Not beng one to accept change with open arms, I will probably still call it The Pig.  Too late to learn a new word.

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