Scammed, again!


Once again, I’ve been duped by an internet company and this was the final straw.

I went and grabbed Brenda who was facing her own demons, and we went to the gym and for the first time did some punching on the boxing bag.

(Listen, that helps blow off steam better than anything I’ve found.)

Here’s what happened:


I hope you’ll take notes – because this may be happening to you if you’ve ever ordered anything off the internet.

My Visa bill this month reflected two charges for $12.97 each, paid to a company called “ – one in August and another in September.  I called the number and was told I had requested the service – but there’s nothing free about it.

Seems that when I ordered some inserts for my walking shoes (cost: $12) I was asked  to sign a form to receive “free shipping.”  In truth, I was agreeing to pay $12.97 for the rest of my life for “free shipping” on products I order from the net. (Old people can’t read all that fine print – they plan it that way.)

I let the poor woman on the other end of the line have it.  Bless her heart, bet she gets that every day.

“But,” she whined.  “YOU signed the form agreeing to pay the fee.”


“NO, BLANKETY, BLANKETY.COM, I DID NOT,” I retorted.  I was filling out a form promising me I wouldn’t have to pay shipping for these crappy worthless shoe inserts I ordered.”

I warned her I planned to report this scam to the ‘millions’ of readers who log on to the deludeddiva every day. (I’ve got my own little scam working.) She hung up on me.

I went online to learn that the national law firm of Baron & Budd recently filed a lawsuit against Clarus Marketing Group, the owner of The case alleges that, perpetuated an online scheme that generated millions of dollars in profits for the company while scamming unknowing consumers.  No kidding.

After Brenda and I got back from the gym, I logged on to my computer to find a letter from informing me that the charges would be reversed.  Well, okay.  Shame I had to say words I’ve never said to anyone, beat a dummy to a pulp, and watch my blood pressure run up to 225.

“Unfortunately, these types of online scams aren’t new,” said Bruce Steckler,  head of Baron & Budd’s general litigation section. “And it isn’t just one or two isolated incidents. Profit-making, yet incredibly deceptive online practices have become so numerous that the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce launched a full investigation on these types of scams to see how consumers can be protected.”

Well, that doesn’t make me feel good.  Anything Congress gets their hands on is doomed to fail.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t need this.  Just watch your bills.  When you order something on the internet, there are nasty little men living in there who want to get a piece of the action.

Now, that out of my system, I  resume my copasetic mode and prepare to enjoy the arrival of fall.

2 thoughts on “Scammed, again!

  1. Emily, wondering if this should be reported to the Better Business Bureau??? I never order anything online. If I find something I want, I get their phone number and call in my order. Just did not want my credit card info floating around out there in cyberspace. So many companies now preface their phone conversations with the statement that this call may be recorded or monitored. Maybe it is time we did that also.

  2. You are a wise woman. I won’t be ordering anything on line in the future. This company is in litigation now for all the customers they milked for $12.97. It amounts to millions. For sure, is not a member of any Better Business Bureau and they can’t do anything unless they are.

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