Scorched by the devil


Make that the DIRT Devil which has turned out to be the demon of darkness at my house.. My 30 year old Kirby passed away after Thanksgiving and I was forced to purchase a replacement.

There must have been an epidemic affecting the vacuum cleaner population because the only thing Wal-mart had in stock was the darn Dirt Devil.  Today I attempted to empty the canister and the bottom fell out, spewing dust and everything it gobbled up over the last 30 days.

lieWhat really chapped me was that I could not put it back together again so the detritus is being tracked all over the house by the very energetic kitten I adopted about the same time the Big Dirty Devil came into my life. 

Does anyone out there own a Dirt Devil and if so can you please tell me how to get the top back on the canister and get it working again?  I tried to call the company but they put me on hold for three hours and ate up the charge on my cellphone. I called 911 and they couldn’t’ or wouldn’t help me.  My frustration level is at al all time high and if it weren’t so cold I would run away from home. 

Take my advice.  NEVER ever buy a Dirt Devil. There was a reason it was the only vacuum available – the rest of the world had already discovered it’s a piece of junk.


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