Secrets of contentment


The pace of everyday life is about to roll into overdrive with Christmas baking, entertaining, shopping, decorating etc. on most of our lists.

After losing the peas on Thanksgiving Day – yes, we lost the peas.  Braddock and I hunted all over the house and finally located them in the meat drawer under the rabbit William brought to town.  I have no memory of putting them there, and I don’t think I would have touched the rabbit.


I accuse my boys of trying to make me think I’ve lost my mind, but we all know the sad truth – I lose little bits each day!

I found a recipe for contentment taped to my daily devotional for March 28.  It’s a good time to employ some of these tips:

1. Be where you are and do what you are doing

I once had a teacher who defined meditation as the practice of keeping your mind in the same time and place as your body.  If our mind really wanted to go somewhere else, we are encouraged to take our bodies with it.  That certainly would have helped in the pea incident.  (Now I understand the term absent-minded.)

2.  Breathe deeply

If you were under attack, your breathing would become rapid and shallow in your chest – enabling maximum oxygenation to help pump the adrenaline you needed to mount a mighty battle or hasten a speedy getaway.

By purposely breathing slowly and deeply into your core, you trigger your body’s natural endorphin response, allowing a sense of contentment to deepen along with it.


3.  Saunter

This is my favorite.  I have a friend who has only one speed – the saunter.  I pull him along on the way to ballgames, but he refuses to be in a rush.  According to Jungian psychologist Robert A. Johnson, the word “saunter” comes from the Middle Ages, where everything was considered sainted including the earth.  Therefore, to saunter, is to walk on the earth with reverence for its holiness.

By taking time to “live life in the slow lane” we quickly experience a deeper, more profound experience of contentment.

So, take it easy and save yourself wasting precious house hunting down the peas.

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