Serengeti Outback

Animal House 029

My friend and kissing cousin, Bill Poe, may have the most interesting garden I’ve ever visited.  What  a way to spend a lazy Saturday – sipping champagne with the wild habitat that guards his backyard in the Cotton District of Starkville.


Animal House 023

There were a few wild people visiting along with me – Ginger and Brenda to name a few. We were met at the front entrance by a possum hanging in a tree.  Okey Dokey, what’s next?

We appreciate unusual gardens, but this takes the cake.

Animal House 032

Never mind that Bill’s place is tucked snugly among condos and apartment complexes in the highly dense Cotton District  of Starkville.

It is an oasis that invites you to escape the daily grind.

As we rounded a corner we were met by an embalmed rattle snake that rattles your cage for sure.

The back of his house was painted by an artist with more wild animal scenes.  And one of his fountains features Bully taking a leak on poor ole Colonel Rebel.

Animal House 024



Animal House 035

Animal House 026 My favorite was a very sickly hosta by which Bill has placed a sign stating “This Hosta has gone to Hail.”  I think I’ll post a sign in my front garden noting “This GARDEN has gone to Hail.”

Animal House 036

Bill, at center, often invites his friends over for a leisurely tour of his unusual garden.  The retired MSU professor is one of Starkville’s leading citizens and he is a tireless volunteer who is always working to make our town a better place to live.

We just need more Bill Poes in the world.


4 thoughts on “Serengeti Outback

  1. Bill’s garden is truly unique. I want to take my grandchildren to see it…so I can visit again! Also want myh grands to see the Lyons’ wonderful railroad scene.

  2. LOVED the Lyons’ – will post some photos from their garden later today. And they don’t even live here full time! How DO they do it?

  3. Shirley, bring the kids over ANYTIME. And the kid’s friends, your friends, aunts and uncles. You can tell I like to share the scenes. Please call me first so I can “set the stage”.

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