Shop till you drop – guiltlessly!

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When dealing with financial worries, some people – usually of the female persuasion-may actually overspend to try to cheer themselves up. Don’t I know it! Nothing like an afternoon of “impulse buying” to make me feel better.

shopping A poll of 700 women found that 79 percent said they’d go on a shopping spree to give themselves an emotional boost. About 40 percent listed “depression,” and 60 percent listed “feeling a bit low” as reasons to go shopping and overspend. Many of the women said shopping has the power to make them feel better.

“This type of spending, or compensatory consumption, serves as a way of regulating intense emotions,” survey author Professor Karen Pine, of the University of Hertfordshire, said in a university news release.

Pine explained that the ability to regulate emotions is crucial for mental and physical well-being, and people find a number of ways to do this, including drugs and alcohol. Shopping is a method of preference widely used by women.

My friend, Putt, and I have come up with the perfect solution.  We’ve discovered a little trick to cheer you up, allow you to shop till you drop without guilt, and leave the store with your bank account still intact.

It came to us at Big Lots the other day.  We went in search of some inexpensive flower pots.  Before we knew what was happening we had filled our carts to the brim with unnecessary useless trinkets.  Did I really need that S’more maker, or that two-headed garden  gargoyle?  My garden is crammed with enough yard art as it is!  Ditto for Putt, who had stuffed her cart with new towels and a set of pots and pans.

Shop til you Drop Logo As we waited our turn at the cash register, we methodically began returning the impulse “stuff” we had momentarily coveted.  Before realizing what had  happene,  we were back down to the original flower pots we had come to buy in the first place.

But we had satisfied the urge to shop with gusto.

Here’s how you play the game.  Go into a store and pick up anything and everything you ever wanted – no limits, price is no object.  They are yours, yours, yours! On your way to the cash register you put back anything that you can live without or have no place to store in your home.

That’s it!  Mission accomplished and you will have even greater satisfaction knowing you didn’t buy stuff you didn’t need.  Remember, you can’t have everything.  Where would you put it?

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