Simply stupid recipes

HotDog As I was surfing the web just now, searching for something new to take to the skybox tonight (MSU plays Auburn at the Hump), I happened across this recipe for Crown Roasted Hot Dogs.

I have a file labeled “Simply Stupid Recipes.”  This will go right  in the front.

This impressive meal is easily assembled from a pound of frankfurters (cook ’em first):2

tablespoons cider vinegar, one teaspoon poppy seeds, 2 cups shredded cabbage, ½ cup boiling water, and an unspecified amount of pimento, along with some parsley for garnish and several toothpicks to hold the whole mess together.

The recipe comes from a 1974-vintage collection of Weight Watchers recipe cards. (Shame on you Mrs. Weight Watcher.)  But then, the 70s offered us a plethora of forgettables.  Remember, this is the decade that gave us Watergate, platform shoes, and double-knit polyester leisure suits… so this Fine Dish fits right in.

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