Slugging down a slugburger

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My half marathon team took advantage of a little “local color” along the road on our trip to Nashville last weekend.  An Epicurian highlight was a stop off in Corinth, Mississippi, to sample the infamous “slugburger.” 

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No one was keen on trying it because the name sounds so unappetizing.  But the truth is, a slugburger, dates to the Great Depression when money and food were scarce.

Don’t be alarmed, it’s not made from the terrestrial gastropod mollusk of the same name.  It is a mixture of beef or pork mixed with cornmeal or grits (used as an extender).  The patties were fried up in animal fat and served with mustard, pickle and onions, just like they are today.

The 21st century cost is one dollar – still a pretty good buy.marathon 012

It’s name is derived from the cost of the burger which was five cents, often referred to as a “slug.”  The dish has survived to the 21st century and Corinthians even celebrate with a Slugfest each year.

We also visited an old 30s style diner which featured advertising posters from the period. The only thing missing was the instructions to “See Rock City” which was always painted on the side of such establishments or old barns.

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