Small set back in week 5 training for the marathon

nlrmaThe small set back was another weekend of fudge peanut butter pie at The Back Door Restaurant in Columbus.  That makes two weeks in a row for that dip into chocolate heaven.

First, we had to celebrate one of our first sustahs entry into the fifty-twelfth year of life. Norma, at left, along with Kathy, Gary and  Gertrude sneaked past that milestone, but not without lots of celebrating.  Norma even joined us for our training hike after lunch.

We were on the verge of obtaining Chef Sara Lipensky’s recipe for her signature pie, when we got lost in the splendor of actually eating it.  We totally lost our senses. It’s that good.

Nevertheless, we did seven miles along the beautiful new River Walk along the Tombigbee River through downtown Columbus.  It was fun until it was over.  I wore my new hiking boots which weren’t meant for straight line walking. I am now unable to walk.   I have blisters on the balls of both my feet the size of a half dollar (you remember how big those were!). marie 096 At left, Marie is saying “Come on Emily, why are you walking on the sides of your shoes? Stop sucking your thumb, you baby.  Catch up.”

I retorted, “I can’t  because the tread is worn off the bottom of both my feet.”

Oh, she’s such a harsh task master. She’s trying to get me ready for  our big hike this weekend at Sipsey State Park in Alabama. I have to  grow new feet by Friday.

I’m not missing this experience.  If anyone knows how to resolve the blister problem,  please let me know.

9 thoughts on “Small set back in week 5 training for the marathon

  1. Sorry I missed the celebration, the walk, and the pie!
    We’ll have to “do” the walk and then have the dessert one day soon!

    Happy Birthday, again, Norma! You look fabulous!

  2. Diva Darlin’,

    Hiking boots are mainly for walking on dirt, tennis/running shoes are mainly for walking or running on pavement. There are some shoes for running on paths which are sometimes called cross trainers. They have deeper treds.

    Just soak your feet for a couple of days and put lotion on them. Checkand see if your socks are good and thick. Should breathe too.

    PS: I’m back!

  3. Call me sometime when ya’ll are in Columbus. I only live a mile from Lake Lowndes and I love to walk the River Walk. The Back Door is great. I love their soups. Your training is going so good. I am so proud of all of you.

  4. Had a great time being with you all on Sat.
    I have been looking ar recipes, trying to
    tweak Sarah’s. Oh, hope your blisters
    are better.

  5. To Judy – We missed you coach. Hikes just aren’t the same without your stories! Glad you’re home safe and sound. Can’t wait for our big hike and sleep over at Bob’s. You sure he’s up to this?

  6. To all”former major babes” -Hey Emily, I am so enjoying your articles and reading about your ‘training” for the big race. You will love the Sipsey Hike, get your group together and come join us ‘former major babes” in Birmingham to hike Oak Mountain (6 miles, easy hike) on the 21st. Would love to see all my “younger classmates”-yall sound like you are having too much fun! By the way could you post the receipe for tequila sunset popsicles, from Carole Higgins, sounds fun. Will be keeping up with ypu all.

  7. Em and friends,

    I once heard that one can prevent blisters by wearing men’s nylon stockings under the thicker, more absorbant socks that contain cotton.
    I think this is because when the feet sweat, the cottony thick ones get stuck to your sweaty feet and thus, bunch up resulting in blisters in the areas where they bunch up. Makes sense to me if you can find a pair of men’s nylon dress socks that fit ya female feet.

    If you try it, please let me know if it works. If not, my condolences!
    I can’t remember whether I tried it or not, but that was a long time ago.


  8. Diane – sounds like a blast. Can you give me a website to get some more info?

    Nancy – that’s certainly worth a try. Men’s stockings? What are those exactly?

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