Solution for Ole Miss Mascot debacle


Good bye Colonel

After reviewing the finalists for the Ole Miss Rebels’ new on-field mascot, I had to refrain from regurgitating.  At first I thought it was a joke, but apparently more than 13,000 students and alums voted and the field of possibilities has been narrowed to five.

I won’t even get into what a disgrace it is that” they” (who is “they” anyway?) made the decision to ban Colonel Rebel from the field.

But, no point in looking back.  Personally I would rather not have a mascot at all, than to settle for one of these lame brain ideas.

And the finalists are….

1. A Horse:

This mascot makes zero sense.  Besides, Colonel Rebel rode a horse, so it would probably be banned as well in another decade.

2. Hotty and Toddy:

I thought this was a joke perpetrated by my MSU friends, but NEEEEEEEEEWW, it is for real, and even seems to be a front runner! The idea is to have two muppet-like characters roaming around the sidelines.

3. A Lion:

Ole Miss Rebels Lion Mascot Football

This makes as much sense as the horse.  Have you seen any lions in Mississippi lately.

4. A Bear:

I heard they discovered a black bear down around Meridian last year.

Well, whoopee do, let’s make him our mascot.  What are they smokin’ up there in Oxpatch?

5. A Shark:

Now this makes a little more sense for a school which graduates the majority of our lawyers.

Having said all this I have the perfect mascot.  I’m trying to pull together an artist’s rendering.  Hold your breath – I will post it later today.  But I think it’s perfect and will offend no one.

3 thoughts on “Solution for Ole Miss Mascot debacle

  1. I’m dismayed that my favorite, the riverboat gambler, didn’t make it! If he’d gotten it, my husband suggested they could blow a riverboat whistle every time they scored, maybe even sell whistles to fans to compete with the cowbells!

  2. I sort of like the “Bear” idea. To be more specific…..the “Teddy Bear”!

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