Sprucing up for spring

spring sruce

You wake up and it’s Spring – well almost.  The sun is shining through your dirty windows and you want to give your home a little Prozac lift.

windows (washing)

I begin each spring by walking  around my house – inside and out – and making a list of everything that needs doing.

I warn you, this can be overwhelming, especially for old home owners, but take a deep breath and go ahead and get every little thing on the list.

You’ve got roughly six months to get it all done before football season begins again.

Mine reads something like this:

1) Spray wash home, fencing, etc. to get off that ugly mildew. I pay someone to do this and it’s well worth it.  Often, I find that something I thought needed painting only required a good cleaning with Clorox – what a grand invention.

2) Rework perennial bed – pull out weeds and order a load of mulch. You can put it out yourself for a great workout and also to avoid piling it on too high in areas where your perennials will soon push through the soil.

3) Add some stone walkways for interest.  I actually “paved” my entire courtyard all by myself.  I would pick up four 16 by 16 pavers each time I went to Wal-Mart – 80 trips later my courtyard was done.  This was almost fun – I could lay the stones at my leisure and get them all straight and even without getting overwhelmed by a mountainous stack of pavers which would likely still be sitting there.

This takes some brute strength with which I seem to have been blessed.  I once moved a piano across the street.

4)  Clean out the garden shed.  I actually did this last week and the exercise was exhilarating.  I found all kinds of things I forgot I even had and the payoff was that I was able to find space for  all my garden tools which had been making my back porch look like a yard sale. I was also able to find a home for my  “Urban Rebounder” – otherwise known as a mini trampoline (used once).

Items 5 through 75  will be saved for next month.

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