Starting the month off right

hello august

When I glanced at my DayTimer this a.m. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It is August!  That’s almost fall!  I LOVE fall and I’m determined to make this the best month of my life (which just got a little longer thanks to a clean CT scan).


Here’s what I’m doing today:  Join me!

*Celebrating New Years.  Yes, you read that right.  Life happens right now, today,  dawlin’.  I’m staying present, living mindfully, fully open to whatever happens.  I’m not stressing over yesterday or tomorrow, just living each moment as it arrives. (Until I get the bills from July.)

*Doing what I love. “The Book” is off to the printer and I don’t have one pressing thing to do today. This is the day I dreamed of.  However, without an exhaustive “to do” list I don’t know what to do with myself.  I may bake some bread and make Linda’s Barton’s pimiento cheese (fearless of fat content or calories. Her secret:  a little horseradish.  Makes all the difference.)

*Pleasing no one but God “Hisself”!  That means I won’t tell a lie or talk about someone behind their back.  Well, maybe just one.  The guy who dumped a bag of beer cans in my garden last night is on my hit list.  He’s pond scum.


*Hold a “love day”.  I do this a couple of times a year and it’s always memorable.  I just pretend I love everyone I meet and express gratitude and joy just to get to see that person. I don’t care if it’s insincere.  Before you know what’s happening it starts to work and you really get excited about whomever you meet. (Is it my imagination or do people run away from me on my “love days”?  Their loss.)

*Sneak a zucchini on my neighbors’ porches. The idea of this one is to see if you can sneak up on your neighbors porch without being caught and leave a zucchini at the door.It helps if your zucchini are just now producing since a late frost postponed planting day.

Happy August to you all.  Won’t be long before football begins! .Hooray.  Go Dawgs, Go Rebels.

14 thoughts on “Starting the month off right

  1. Great news on the “clean scan”!! That is awesome news.



  2. Wonderful news on your clean CT scan, hope more to come. Looking forward to football too, WAR EAGLE! Can your share Linda Barton’s pimiento/cheese sometime?)

  3. Since the “love day” is memorable, why don’t you try having a “love day” every day?

  4. I am so happy about your CT…I hope I see you this week end..

    Love You

  5. Because Damron, I’m not Mary Poppins or Pollyanna. Sometimes people can just be too Sunny to the point it’s just over the top and you want to say,” Hold up a Minute! Have some downtime and be mean, throw things, and yell. already.” That works for me too.

  6. I LOVE you. Typing this on our at-sea day heading toward Vancouver. Weather has been amazing! So thankful for that clean CT scan.

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