Stop, drop and roll

After a few choice words I dutifully knelt down to wipe it up then just collapsed onto the floor in blubbering sobs.  Every mistake, every gaff, every negative action perpetuated by Yours Truly came bubbling up like Mount Saint Helena during a major eruption.

I pounded the floor while wailing so loudly I’m surprised the guys at Fire Station One didn’t rush around the corner to come to my aid.

No one came and after I’d exorcized my entire life’s screw ups I just laid there staring up at the ceiling.  I studied the spot on the ceiling that had been cleverly patched after someone had a stove top fire many decades ago before I even bought the house.  I was fascinated by how perfect the ceiling appeared at first glance.  The patch job was perfect but that may be an oxymoron and I felt like a moron, but a very refreshed and perfect moron.

I felt as if the weight of the world had finally been lifted off my shoulders.  Why had I been holding up the world anyhow?  Suddenly I began to laugh at my plight and my less than dignified sixty-something year old child-like behavior. Rebel, Lucky Dawg  and P. all stood looking down at me with… What? Was that pity or mirth?  Hard to tell but I was grateful to P.Diddy for putting it all into perspective.

I’m sure my stress is no worse than anyone else’s but apparently I wasn’t getting the down time to appreciate the many good things in my life.   Even when I have some down time, I have that pesky to-do list going in the back of my mind…the one I want to pound to a pulp.

So I rolled over and pulled myself up in one fluid motion – okay not really fluid,  but I got up with a little burst of energy. I decided to dump all my boring to-do’s and just enjoy the day as a sort of vacation.  As if the Universe had my back it began to rain in torrents.  Hooray!!! I got in my favorite chair and dialed up a binge-able movie on Netflix.

Ain’t life grand?  Stop, drop and roll is good advice for a plethora of bad situations.  Uh-oh, P.Diddy just shoved her diet kibble on the floor and I don’t even care. Rebel will clean it up.




9 thoughts on “Stop, drop and roll

  1. You know the nice thing about TO DO list you make for yourself ? You can write them down tomorrow and throw them away again! The joy of retirement! Go ahead, Scarlet.

  2. Love it! We have all had those days. I told a friend of mine last week I felt like the whole world had a bad case of the Heebie Jeebies. There have been so many weird and frustrating things happening to so many and all around us. Here’s hoping it has run its course and next week will be better. Fall can’t come soon enough!

  3. Emily, Everyone deserves a good meltdown–as long as you follow it up with a movie and good ice cream!

  4. Emily, Love this!!! Stop, drop & roll…then get up when you can…ever so methodically & judiciously!! Enjoy today❤️❤️

  5. You make me feel so human! I can so relate to this post although I don’t have pets and I really don’t want to admit it.

    I was on the kitchen floor the other day and looked up at my ceiling and lo and behold, there was a mess up there. Several weeks ago I was boiling eggs, went in another room and forgot about them til I heard what I thought were gunshots and of course, they had boiled dry and exploded. I cleaned up the areas I saw, but never checked the ceiling. I had a big laugh at myself, too.

  6. Thank you for this one! We can all relate, however some of us do not get the luxury of doing it in the presence of the 4 legged friends who love us no matter what! Oh we got a call today and LuLu the Jack Russell Puppy will come to live with us after I have surgery and heal and she gets her cast off! We are so excited to have her come live with us! woof!

  7. Pat and Buddy – so excited you are becoming parents! Can’t wait to meet Lulu which reminds me of my favorite comic book as a child – Lulu and Tubby.

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