Stop that cursing and banging!


I subscribe to daily fung shui tips to glean ideas on how to make my home less toxic and increase the flow of good energy. (Okay, so I’m slightly superstitious.)

I’ll usually try anything once – but I’ll tell one thing that DIDN’T work. A few days ago it was suggested that I go to my closet and turn all my shoes around the opposite direction and I would experience an instant financial boost. I typically store them with the toe toward the wall so they’re easier to slip into. But, dutifully I turned them all around which was quite inconvenient. The stock market plunged 400 points within hours.  So much for that.

Today’s tip makes more sense and should be easier to do. The feng shui tipster writes:

I think I love this time of year the best (I say that at the turn of every season though!). I love the crisp, cool mornings and how the days are starting to slightly shorten while darkness descends just a bit earlier each evening. And I love all the beautiful seasonal fruits and vegetables that are available for the novice cook like me.

Whenever I start to think about tinkering in the kitchen, I remember cautionary advice that a sage Shui master once gave me. He said that it was considered taboo in almost every Asian tradition to bang or hit utensils on the side of the pan while cooking, as this changes the extraordinary energy of the food.

He also warned that you should never, ever swear or curse while cooking, as that will infuse the cuisine with churlish and negative energies. He offered that when anyone is cooking, they should stand and be grateful to the food for the gift of nourishment that it will bring, and for all the activity it allows our cells to perform in support of our being. He told me to pray over each meal, not only thanking my higher power, but also thanking the spirit of the food itself. I thought this such a beautiful teaching, and aside from a few sailor-like slips where the cursing is concerned, I have embraced this slightly different sort of cooking technique ever since.

One thought on “Stop that cursing and banging!

  1. AHHH grasshoppa, how interesting and thanks for sharing! i believe in the butterfly effect, our actiions/thoughts contributing to negative and positive energy, our thoughts determining our health, happiness, etc., daily affirmations and most of all being thankful for all that comes our way . my youngest son refers to all this as that hippie, mumbo jumbo stuff as i follow him around reading the affirmations i think he should say daily! haha.. i will be googling this site shortly. i am so excited about getting a daily feng shui mesaage!

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