Stop the presses – big news in town!

jiggly carts 002 Yvonne came over last night to tell me that Jiggly Wiggly had purchased a fleet of shiny, new grocery carts. Whoa Liza!  We giggled that our lives must have sunk to a new low to even have the conversation at all grocery-cart-150x150 You know what’s wrong with the world today?… Grocery Carts, that’s what. These germy super market necessities are probably responsible for 90 percent of our colds and flu. And I do commend my friendly neighborhood grocer for investing in the latest model. They’re a beaut.

This is especially exciting if you’ve been the victim of one of the old carts which sported wheels all aiming in different directions.  Sometimes I would just pick up the cart and carry it around the store to keep from making such a racket.

Maybe there were only one or two of the damaged carts, but what are the odds that I would get it every time!  You could hear me coming with the wheels screeching and bumping along with one tire locked in reverse and me red in the face trying to force it in one direction.  I felt like I’d been working out at the gym after my regular visits to the Jiggly.

Maybe now, grocery shopping won’t be such a chore.

2 thoughts on “Stop the presses – big news in town!

  1. I always thought I picked the wrong cart until one of the employees said they were all bad. It was “heaven” with the new carts. Did you notice everyone smiling?

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