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I had an opportunity to visit my ole East Side Elementary School yesterday in West Point.  Memories came flooding back like a tsunami!

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What fun to recall dancing around the Maypole (it’s still there in the same spot); having a concussion when my partner jumped off the seesaw while I was suspended in mid-air; playing Pop the Whip and Red Rover, Red Rover, Come on Over.

And there was the magnolia tree,  Tinker, our sixth grade class president planted on Arbor Day in 1958.  (I was secretly in love with him.) Listen up, classmates from my sixth grade, we need to go back and clean up around our tree on Arbor Day this year…

I can never forget the day I jumped out of the car and slammed the door while my Daddy sped off with my skirt hanging in the door.  Thankfully, we wore slips  back then.

The new principal took me on a tour of my old classrooms and I was six again, self conscious and anxious about making friends in my new town.  My worries were totally unnecessary because The Point was the best environment in the world in which to grow up.

I knew the floor plan of every house located between the school and Eshman Avenue.  I know where the residents kept their band-aids and where they hid their cookies.

Everyone at the meeting yesterday had fond memories of playing at “my ditch” – it was a huge drainage ditch that ran beside my house. It featured a big concrete culvert surrounded by handbars, designed to keep us OUT of the ditch.  We spent untold hours in that culvert building forts and crawling under the street above.

You can always go home again – at least in your memories….

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  1. I would love to go back there again. What was going on yesterday? The last time I was there was in 1972 when I did my student teaching . Mrs. Dorothy Tenneyson was my 2nd grade teacher, and she was my idol and inspiration . When I tell kids now about our Maypole dance they look at me as if I am an alien!!

  2. Oh – do you know I ran into Mrs. Tennyson in the beauty shop here in Starkville – she lives in Ackerman. Couldn’t believe my eyes when she told me who she was. She is blondish now – I remembered her as brunette. She is in her mid-70s, but she looks fabulous! Mr. T. died in auto accident several years ago.

    I spoke to an educational sorority which was holding their winter meeting at East Side. What fun!

  3. And just when did the ditch become your sole property??? I thought we all
    “owned” it equally. lol

  4. Yes, I knew she moved to Ackerman, but I did not know she was a blonde now. She was principal there when Gloria Harrell,(who later became the principal there)and I did our student teaching.
    My 3rd grade teacher, Nan Randle , passed away about a week or so ago.
    I taught down the hall from her and her daughter, Elizabeth my first year of teaching. I also remember Mrs. Valentine subbed for me once.

  5. Sorry Martha – you’re so right – it is yours and mine! My side just had the cool hanging out place where we used to twirl around the bars. I haven’t found a bar since that was so much fun.

  6. Those were the days. I remember that West Side School didn’t have that
    celebration but my class was invited one year. I still remember the fun
    we had that day. I also remember Mrs. T and how helpful she was to
    several local girls pursuing an education degree from MSU. She always
    opened her school and made you welcome to observe. We lost I noticed
    also another teacher, Mrs. Nan Randle, that had an impact on a lot of
    people and their lives.
    I have also run into another person that hasn’t changed since leaving
    WPHS-Miss Kay Bramlett. Remember the days of typing with Miss Kay. She
    looks the same as the day she left WP and came to Tupelo to teach. She
    lives at her old home place and is now retired but still looks great.
    Thanks for your daily blog-Deluded Diva. It keeps me up on so many
    things that I wouldn’t remember at WP. Great job.

  7. Hey Becky – didn’t you live across from East Side or what that a relative? Must be, since you attended West Side. Miss Bramlett – loved her. I think I might have
    had Mrs. Randle too. Sorry to hear she died – I remember her being relatively young.

  8. Wait….just wait, now…..that ditch was mine, too. Bobby McHaney, Martha and I caught a million (at least) crawfish in that ditch. There once was a huge amount of poison ivy by the ditch at your house….my brother used to get me down and rub my face in it. Such a sweet boy. I wasn’t allergic then….good thing no one has done that to me lately. All I have to do is LOOK at it now. Ah, to be young again. I went to Eastside the first year it was built. My class was in the second grade. I remember singing “Look for the Silver Lining” while I jumped on and off bales of hay on the little stage…in the lunch room, right? I’d be glad to go with you when you want to clean up around your tree. I had a crush on Tinker’s big brother. My first memories of my wonderful friend, Mary Carolyn Ellis, were made on that playground.

  9. Emily, If you need any help cleaning up at East Side let me know. I will try to be there. There was a ditch that ran beside my parents property from your ditch, I think. I many hours of fun playing in it as an elementary student. I saw Mrs. Tennyson at Mrs. Randle’s funeral. I recognized her immediately and she me. I really treasure my “old” friends and love seeing anyone from West Point. Keep up the good work of keeping up informed about The Point. East Side was the best!! Loved the May Pole, too.

  10. No, that was me who lived across the street from East Side. A also had Mrs. Tennyson and Mrs. Randle-my all time favorite teachers. I still run into Mrs. Tennyson in West Point quite often. She is still a very pretty lady. And always remembers me and always asks about my brother Ray. She was also his favorite teacher.

  11. Okay ya’ll. Olivia wants to help clean up too. So we have our little rag tag team in place. When the weather clears we’ll get on our jeans and go clean up around the Magnolia. Afterwards, we can all go play at The Ditch one more time! I forgot about the crawfish Annie. I remember stuffing sticks down those mud castles and trying to catch them. I was mortified when I moved to New Orleans and found they were considered a delicacy in restaurants! Never could eat them unless they were disguised in cheese and cream.

  12. What a trip down memory lane ladies. I also remember the Maypole and East Side Elem. My teachers were Ms Merle Coleman, Ms Valentine and Ms Speed…all awesome ladies and teachers. Emily, keep up the good work on deluded it everyday and love it!!! Keeps me close to The Point…

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