Stung by stupidity


I’m old enough to know better.  This story causes me some embarrassment, but I share it in hopes you don’t get stung by a similar internet scam.

Here’s what happened.  I received an e-mail selling some miracle pill which would cause me to magically drop 10 pounds and cure every ill I’ve ever faced – all for only $4.95.  Sucked in, I placed the order the charged it to my Discover Card.

Within a few days the huge horse pills arrived. I read the label which warned  folks with high blood pressure to beware.  Since mine is borderline high, I decided not to risk a stroke – what the heck I was only out $4.95.

When I received my Discover bill, I was livid to find I’d been charged the $4.95 plus a whopping $79.99!  Okay, I admit I didn’t read the fine print and apparently I only received the pills on a trial basis.  Thankfully, I hadn’t pitched them, so I returned the order and asked for a credit.

In February, I received a second order of the pills along with a second charge for $79.99. I  By now, my blood pressure was DANGEROUSLY high. I tried to call the company, but an automated voice said they had no record of my account.  Oh really?

I called Discover and filed a dispute, wondering all the while how many other people in the world are going through the same frustration.

Yesterday, I’d had it.  The postman delivered a THIRD order of the pills.  I scrawled, “Addressee died of a stroke caused by LeanSpa” and ran down the postman to return yet another unwanted package.  I also called Discover and learned I had been charged a $79.99 for the third time!

They finally just changed my account number.  I would have canceled my card, but want to solve this issue first.

Last night I received an e-mail from Lean Spa assuring me my account would be credited for the unwanted orders.  A shame I had to DIE to get the dispute settled.

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  1. I should introduce you to my friend, “DD”, who swears that cutting back on CARBS helps shed those extra pounds. Would have saved all that frustration, money, and premature notice of your passing.

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