Sunday musings – “Break Out of the Box” Day

out of box

Sunday morning is coming down in glorious technicolor and here I sit in my ugly brown box like a truant confined for bad behavior.  I’m waiting for someone to rescue me but there’s not a soul in sight.  I’d better figure out how to escape before it’s too late.  I’m declaring this “Think outside the box day.”brealing out of box

This post is my attempt to motivate myself to break out of my “box” and stop allowing my life to be stolen away by boredom, lethargy and complacency.  These demons slipped in this week when I allowed my naughty self take the podium.  “Whats the point of continuing to chase my dreams when time is running out?” she whined in the most pitiful nasal voice.  She went on and on with stuff like that.  I was totally depressed and defeated until my old friend Pam Jones entered stage left.  We go way back but haven’t really reconnected since she moved back to Mississippi.

Pam is one of those delightful people who has never considered giving up despite being blindsided from time to time..  Fearless describes her. From right stage entered Roberta Martin, a friend from way back who moved back to Mississippi less than a month ago.  Her attitude mirrored Pams and suddenly my better self  made an adjustment in its trajectory.

We spent Friday planning a party and dashed out to The Dollar Tree to come up with all kinds of things to use as decorations,serving pieces and party favors.  Talk about thinking out of the box!  I haven’t had such fun since I was five.  The Dollar Tree is an adult version of Woolworth’s where my mother took me when I was a toddler.  We were so poor I never even knew you could buy any of that stuff.  I thought of it as a museum.

But back to Pam and Roberta who made the first slit in my “box”. Pam is a dynamo who doesn’t know the meaning of statements like “You can’t do that.”  She goes from early morning to late in the day covering all her bases – checking on friends, planning parties, working out at the Wellness Center, gardening….She dances through life with a tempo which totally escaped me while was napping in my box.

Then, there is my friend Norma who is selling a beautiful home in the country to move to Old Waverly Golf Club where she will downsize considerably.   She is pumped and ready to move on to the next phase.  Another inspiration. They are all around if you don’t get stuffed so low in your box and cut off from the people who are out there to enrich our lives while they take care of their own..

I read somewhere that many of us are halfway wretched because we are leading half lives in a half-hearted way, with only a small portion of our minds actively engaged in the moment at hand.


I think I’ve probably had it all – but never at the same time.  Now I want it all at the same time. Don’t we all?  The older we get the more it is imperative that we think outside the box so find our own personal nirvana.. .

8 thoughts on “Sunday musings – “Break Out of the Box” Day

  1. Enjoyed your post, Emily. I especially like the quotation you posted. So true. Keep on keeping on!

  2. We all have those days.. I get mad at myself when I get in “that box”. Life is to be enjoyed! We just have to make the most of every day!

  3. So motivating, Emily! Thanks! We are thinking out of the box lately by traveling full time in our RV. But if we do slow down a little, the box can start to look appealing!

  4. This is so sweet! Thank you for your kind and thoughtful words in this post. It makes me very happy! Each day we all have a choice and sometimes it’s easier to make the right choice than others but life is an adventure and I don’t want to miss a thing!
    I enjoyed our party planning and implementing. On to the next one!

  5. YES Pam Jones and Roberta Martin are fabulous gals………….I am blessed to call them my friends! Pam is a human energizer bunny………must be all that Kale!

  6. Emily: I was thinking outside the box when I decided to plan a trip to Egypt… a cruise down the Nile. Couldn’t get any of my girlfriends to go (they were worried that we might be bombed)…. so instead, I asked my 20-year-old grandson who just finished his sophomore year at UGA on May 6. He was absolutely thrilled to be going… and so we set out on what was to be an almost 24 hour trip from Atlanta to Cairo…. then down to Luxor where we boarded our boat for the cruise on down the Nile. Twice — we flew on EgyptAir (from Cairo to Luxor)…. and then on the last day when we were way down in Anwar near the end of the Nile…. we again flew on EgyptAir back up to Cairo.

    We had just arrived home —- when I woke up the next morning (really about noon)…. and heard that an EgyptAir had gone down in the Mediterranean Sea! Anyway, I’m living dangerously at this late date in my life (I’m OLDER than YOU by a long shot) ……. but I’m still following the quotation that has been on my refrigerator door now for about the last 15 years: “In the end, what we regret most are the chances we never took”…… Shelby, here in Chattanooga
    (Thanks for your posts. I enjoy them…and am motivated by them.)

  7. Love this Shelby. I want to be like you someday, unfortunately my gene pool made me more of a “nester”. Im working on it though and still planning to do the appalachian trail – this may be the year. You in?

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