Super Bowl: The big yawn


My annual Super Bowl crowd was completely prepared for a really boring game.  We decided the main event would be the food and barely glanced at the big screen television which droned on annoyingly in the corner of the living room.  We weren’t even tempted by the commercials which also seemed flat this year. 


hamThe food at our party was the real winner. As a recovering meat eater, I had to enjoy some of the “Super Food” vicariously.  But the smells were heavenly. Lamar’s smoked ham & biscuits and Jack’s Gumbo faced off against Mark’s Hot Wings (homemade), key lime and chocolate chess pies .I caught Marie asking Mark to marry her – right after I did. Good thing we like to share.

Phyllis’ seven layer cookies earned honorable mention along with Marie’s Red Neck Caviar.   Of course, I brought the fresh vegetables to be sure vegI had something to to eat and Kathy helped me out with a Big Spinach Salad.

No one knows it, but I tucked a baggy of seven layer cookies in my handbag and one slice of ham (for Lucky Dawg and Rebel) and I’m getting ready to enjoy my guilty pleasure. 

Don’t you just love the Super Bowl?  Now, who played in it this year and who won?  If it didn’t involve the Saints I really don’t care. 

Thanks to Jack, our very own NFL official, who has hosted the event each year since he retired from 25 years as a back judge and officiated four Super Bowls and one Pro-Bowl.  Now, we’re getting ready for baseball and I’m making my reservations at the Omaha Sleep Over Motel.

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