Swimming in ferns

Naomi's Ferns (empty swimming pool) 3.31.09

My new friend, Joyce, sent me this.  I thought it was very inspirational for someone who doesn’t want to plow up a no longer needed swimming pool.

Her neighbor in Baton Rouge became tired of maintaining her swimming pool.  She loves gardening and decided to fill the empty swimming pool with potted ferns.  The pool is enclosed and protected, so she does not have to protect the ferns during winter.

She is over 80 years old, and works in her garden every day, weather permitting.  She just completed emptying 90 bags of leaf mulch given to her by a neighbor’s lawn maintenance crew!  She has no lawn, only mulched beds and paths.

She is amazing, and I hope I will be doing that when I’m that age – in fact I think being a gardener will keep us young beyond our years. Keeps me digging in the dirt, for sure.

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