Tada – Introducing The Rockin’ Rebels


I have the perfect solution for my Alma Mater’s new mascot, since they killed off Colonel Rebel.

It even has a close tie-in with the birth of rock and roll since the King himself was born in Mississippi – a stone’s throw from Oxpatch..

The new Ole Miss  ROCKIN’ REBEL will feature an Elvis Presley character to saunter up and down the field on game day.

The new mascot would lend

itself  well to merchandise items such as the Elvis Hair and little guitars to be strummed by the fans – much less obnoxious than a cowbell.

I even have a new fight song – “Go Rockin’ Rebels”

It goes like this:

They rock on the gridiron all day long
Hoppin’ and a-boppin’ and singing their song
All the little birdies in the SEC
Love to hear the Rebels go tweet tweet tweet.

Rockin’ Rebels, tweet tweet tweet
Rockin’ Rebels’ tweet tweetly-tweet
Blow rockin’ Rebels
‘Cause we’re really gonna rock tonight.

So, what do you think?  It’s way better than a bear, lion, shark or heaven forbid, two cartoon characters named Hotty and Totty. Now, who do I submit this to?

7 thoughts on “Tada – Introducing The Rockin’ Rebels

  1. I LOVE IT!! You’re so creative! And certainly better than those that made the finals!

  2. This is fabulous………but I was thinking it was the “Rebel” thing that was offensive to some.

  3. Oh Emily: Was reading about Colonel Rebel being dethroned and another one being selected —– and then happened to pull up your website and saw all the suggestions! I told a friend of mine (a graduate of LSU but who has several ties to Ole Miss) about the suggestions that people had made … and YOURS about Elvis. HE had another one that I think is good. I’ll quote his answer to you.

    “A dynamite ‘magnolia blossom’, complete with hook shirt, parasol and a very large hat …. and MEGA hooters!” and ” She could stroll up and down on game day…. and would certainly meet with shouts of approval from all the guys. The girls would like her too as she would be a model of southern womanhood.”

    In addition, she fits in the many Miss America’s and Miss America finalists that they’ve had up there in Oxpatch over the years.. Maybe they could allow different co-eds (selected by the student body)to stroll at different games.
    (Before you know it, Hugh Hefner would be out there, trying to get her to pose for Playboy)!!

    Anyway, that’s HIS suggestion….

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