Chicken Fried Bacon – Like hitting your heart with a hammer

fried bacon from Sondolak\'s

I finally gassed up the mower and gave the lawn a needed clip today. After about ten minutes of dodging 100 mph ankle height, mower-fired acorns and sticks and pushing that little metal beast up and down my hilly nightmare of a yard I began to feel a little less than fresh.

I was sweating buckets and coughing up the dirt and specs of grass my machine was blasting right into my face. I started to notice my heartbeat a little more than usual and my internal dialogue was filled with thoughts of angioplasty, gym memberships, and long abandoned resolutions from January. The double bacon and cheese “big mouth” burger from Chili’s that had served as my Sunday brunch wasn’t helping matters either.

An afternoon of web surfing in my climate controlled command center turned up something even more damaging than burgers and sedentary living though. Have you heard of chicken fried bacon? Frank Sodolak of Sodolak’s Original Country Inn in Snook, Texas is the man who let experimenting with the deep fat fryer go a bit too far.

Any cardiologist with a lick of sense should be looking at property in Snook. Words don’t do it justice, so here’s the video proof: