Tips for saving money on electricity

ssavin ii

Summer set in with a vengeance today in Mississippi and my A/C drones away.  As I was outside digging in the flower bed I noticed the dial on my meter was circling furiously as power pumped into the house.  Ca-ching, ca-ching!

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Go ahead, have some fun


One of the greatest joys of growing older is reclaiming the child-like ability to have fun.  You really don’t care how silly you look any longer.

When I retired and moved back to my “roots”, I had a rude awakening.  I had forgotten how to have fun!  Nothing really gave me true pleasure.  Talk about depressing!

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Looking for my ‘stuff’ has become full-time job

losing_mind_keys Someone asked me what I do all day, now that I’m retired and all.

The answer was easy. I spend all my time looking for stuff that mysteriously disappears into the black hole that hovers around the fringes of my life.

On Sunday I locked my house, dropped my keys into my purse, and rode with a friend to church.  We went out for lunch afterwards and when I returned home, the keys were gone.  Just vanished.

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