Early Light: Bigger is not necessarily better


I’ll take this guy’s power bill any day!

As I sat drinking my coffee this morning I began to contemplate my plans to expand the size of my 19th century bungalow. Do I really need to heat and cool 200 more square feet of space? Continue reading

The agony and ecstasy of holding a garage sale

You couldn’t actually call it a garage sale since I have no garage. I guess you could call it a drive-way sale and I’m still in recovery. I feel like the victim of a hit and run.

It all began two weeks ago when I was watching one of the morning TV shows. A professional organizer was yaking about how most American’s use their homes as very expensive storage units. He noted that we accumulate “things” compulsively, then once they lose their luster, or our tastes change, we box them up for our children – who will never live long enough for the cast-offs to come back in style – and don’t want them anyway. Continue reading