Larry’s Hideyhole delivers, but hold the chitlins

local color

My First Friday “Lunch Bunch” (which has never met on the first Friday that I can recall) added a new wrinkle to our dining experience today.

In search of the perfect burger, we were advised to visit a place called “Larry’s Burgers and Thangs.” It’s located deep in the most rural part of Oktibbeha County, Mississippi. We’ve renamed it Larry’s One Stop Carwash, Bait Shop, Burgers and Chitlins.

Oh yes, Larry was cooking chitlins (chitterlings, I believe is the proper spelling) today, and we almost ran screaming into the woods. I’ve never smelled anything like it and don’t ever want to again. I visited my local Walgreen’s after lunch and other patrons were looking at me strangely and moving away. I was wearing Eau de Chitlin. Continue reading