Now I know what I want to be when I grow up

adults at play

I’ve spent most of my adult life trying to stuff myself into one career or another.

Over the past 30 years I’ve tried without success to a banker, a newspaper reporter, president of an insurance company, a waitress, a store clerk, a magazine editor and a general flunky for three non-profit corporations.  Continue reading

Aspiring grill queen derailed

my dream grill

It all began when my son gave me a Sirius satellite radio for my birthday. Let me tell you this is truly serious radio and it has been trouble with a big “T”.

First off, forget the price of gasoline – I find any excuse to get in the car and drive around just so I can listen to the radio. For a person who gets car sick, this is a remarkable departure from my mode of operendi.

My son set up all my favorite stations on auto punch so I could move seamlessly from 40s tunes to 50s and 60s. He also programmed an Elvis station, a health and fitness talk station, Fox news, CNN, show tunes, and as an afterthought – the Martha Stewart network. I’m not much of a Martha fan, but she does offer some good cooking programs. Continue reading

Spending the day with Martha Stewart

Like her or not, I will be spending Saturday with Martha Stewart – well, at least five or six hours. While she’s a little over the top for me, I’m looking forward to our visit.( Anyone who insists on making marshmallows from scratch is way too compulsive for my taste. )

I won’t be on her show or anything like that. I’ll be driving with her to Nashville as I tune in to the Martha Stewart network. She’s my least favorite host of the parade of experts who conduct hourly shows. I usually take a lunch break when she comes on. She’s always running her mixer while she talks and you can’t hear her. I often wonder if she’s actually making anything or just pretending – who would know; It’s radio.

I’ll time my trip to coordinate with Sandy Gluck who hosts a show she calls “Chew on This.” it is a very informative talk show where she discusses little known cooking methods for common foods. That is followed by my absolute favorite program – “Use it up.” It’s for people like me who can’t stand to throw anything away but don’t have a clue what to do with six aging strawberries or a 1/4 pound of Stilton cheese.

They are followed by Andrew Beckman, a master gardener. This may be the day I actually call in and chat with the host – depends on how bored I get.