How’d you like a building named for you?


“it isn’t every day you have a building named or you,” acknowledged Mississippi State University’s former president, Mack Portera.  He and his wife, Olivia, (my high school chum and blood sistah) were honored last week during an unveiling of the new sign for the Malcolm A. Portera High Performance Computing Center.  What a team!

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Breaking NFL barriers


Remember this name: Sarah Thomas, pictured last night at MSU with fellow football  official, Jack Vaughan, one of her mentors.  She is slender, tall, beautiful, charismatic and smart. She could also be classified as an expert on the mechanics of football.  I wonder how she got that way while the rest of us girls were taking selfies and eating chocolate chip cookies in the press box.

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Little known fact: Rolling Stones are MSU graduates–No fooling!


File this one under “things you didn’t know and were flabbergasted to find out.”

I didn’t believe it myself at first. Did you know that the Original Rolling Stones didn’t come out of Great Britain at all? And they were more likely to be spotted over a cold brew at the Crossroads than a spot of tea in the shadow of Buckingham Palace.

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Check it out – Garden Expo 2011

new billboard

Our new billboard promoting the Everything Garden Expo is scheduled to go up today on Highway 12.

In the meantime, let me tell you what you can expect. More than 50 vendors showing and selling everything you need to become a master gardener.  The educational seminars are just what the doctor ordered to deliver you from the dark days of winter.  Yawl come!

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Ragtime Fest offers trip back through musical time

ragtime fest 001

The fourth annual Ragtime Jazz Festival opened in Starkville and Mississippi State University today with a syncopated toe-tapping good time. I felt like a flapper starring in “The Sting.”

It’s impossible to be unhappy listening to Ragtime musicians tinkling the keys. I recommend you get down there on Saturday and get a dose of “happy times.” I came home with piano earrings,  piano socks and some fabulous posters.

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