Celebrating a life well lived


Yesterday was spectacular… MSU vs. Bama game notwithstanding!  It was picture perfect because my community celebrated the life of a man who had a hugely positive impact on the quality of the lives of all who knew him.  It was practically an all day affair.

Bill Poe of Starkville, Mississippi died October 14 just five days after celebrating his eightieth birthday.  As you can see he looked more like 15 on October 9 when we toasted his milestone birthday,  Five days later he was gone and several of us suspected he knew his time on earth was drawing to a close.  He suffered from complications of diabetes but still worked out regularly at the “Hellness” center as he liked to call his gym. Continue reading

Sometimes you’ve just got to “play hurt”


I have a new friend – his name is Chick, and I actually spent New Years Day at his home in Madison thanks to our mutual friend, Yvonne,  who introduced us on that very scary day.

Both Chick and I had just been diagnosed with cancer and were facing a year of massive chemotherapy treatments. He related a story which I will be remembering whenever I’m feeling a little under the weather.

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My kind of resolutions


Bill Poe, my buddy and kissing cousin, sent me his list of New Year’s resolutions which reminded me how like-minded we are when it comes to quirky humor.

For those of you who haven’t met Bill, he is a retired MSU professor who works tirelessly on community projects and his fabulous garden, better known as”Serengeti Ouitback.”  It should be listed on the top 20 attractions in the Southeast!

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How ‘Bout a chili cookoff?

chili_cookoff_sigg_water_bottleYou know how cheap I am.  Gary Flo-mop asked me to handle refreshments for the big Halloween dance for alums of dear old West Point High on Oct. 26.

So I dreamed about it, and instead of a nightmare it gave me an easy way out.  In my dream we were holding a chili cookoff and crotch pots were lined up around the perimeter of Teen Town. Continue reading

Miracles still happen

Art in the Garden 2012 003

“Art in the Garden” is over, thank heavens.  It was a huge success – because we had beautiful gardens and the Hilton Garden Inn fed everyone breakfast. I’m not stupid. Breakfast sells.

But Linda Sanders (above) made it mystical. She’s the blond 30-something girl painting above..  (She’s really 60 something and I want to be her. She’s the most beautiful senior citizen I’ve ever seen.)

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