How’d you like a building named for you?


“it isn’t every day you have a building named or you,” acknowledged Mississippi State University’s former president, Mack Portera.  He and his wife, Olivia, (my high school chum and blood sistah) were honored last week during an unveiling of the new sign for the Malcolm A. Portera High Performance Computing Center.  What a team!

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Saved by prayer and a good AC man


I’m wondering if this was my day for Olivia to pray for me.

Each year, my high school friend, Olivia Portera,  places all her birthday and Christmas cards in a big bowl.  She draws one out each day and spends 24 hours praying for the sender.  You can bet she is at the top of our greeting card list.

Good things always happen on the day Olivia prays for us.

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