Time out for some serious moodling

dawlding m,ore

Moodling: To dawdle aimlessly, to idle time away.  Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Napoleon often moodled about for a week at a time after his big battles, doing nothing but playing with his children or reading trash.  Our imaginations need regular periods of moodling or we become rigid and stagnant.

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How to be a kid again

more swiing

There is an old school house on my block, and late every afternoon I walk Lucky Dawg and Rebel down there.

I’d been eyeing the swing-set for months, but it seemed too infantile to actually get on and swing.

So, while the “Dogkids” run about, sniffing every blade of grass, I sit on a park bench mulling over things I need to do.  My mind wears me out sometimes.  It usually goes like this: “Get the car washed, pick up some dog food, send a card to Leah, print photos for Jack, put out new mulch, pick up dress at the cleaners, yada yada” until I am exhausted and depressed.

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