Beware Italian men wearing basil

When I was a mere coed at Ole Miss, I wrote for “The Daily Mississippian” under the penname ”Basil Metabolism.” All my buddies in the journalism school called me Basil. I guess the moniker was prophetic because so many years later, I find that basil is one plant I can grow successfully. (However, my metabolism seems to get more sluggish with every passing year.)

A trendy, tasty herb, basil has come into its own in recent years as one of the most popular homegrown seasonings. In fact, you can sprinkle basil on anything and improve the flavor. Continue reading

Eat the vine that ate the South

kudzu killer
Kudzu Killer

I’m wondering if they give a Nobel Peace Prize in the category of food. If so, I think I may have it locked up with my solution to the problem of world hunger!

It came to me like a bolt out of the blue as I was driving to Nashville last week to visit my son. It’s a long drive and my mind wandered all over the road as I tried to prevent myself from dying of boredom.

About the time I crossed the Tennessee line I began to notice the kudzu vines that were running rampant over trees, telephone poles and even an occasional house or two. It was almost a beautiful sight to behold. The vine formed mile after mile of bizarre sculptures I renamed “Kudzillas.” If I squinted my eyes slightly, I could make out all kinds of images – a cowboy riding a horse, a green wedding cake – and one even resembled my mother-in-law.”

I once read that kudzillas can grow a foot a day during the summer months traversing a full 60 feet in one growing season. While it’s become Continue reading