Dumping the desk

more simple

I’m on a mission to simplify my life…have been for ten years.

I left the big city and returned to my roots.  I’ve gotten out of organizations which no longer interest me, and I’ve dropped activities that don’t feed my soul.

My friends are the people I laugh with and cry with, and life is full and rich.  But my last frontier,  is paring down my possessions.  With fall approaching, I make my annual autumnal resolutions which focus on my home office this year.  I must face years worth of files, records and crap that resides there rent free.

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Leaving the fast lane


As long as I can remember, I’ve been rushing here and there – trying to raise children, carry on a career and keep my house “mother-in-law” ready.

Since I retired two years ago, I’ve continued to race around like a mouse on a treadmill.

WHY, pray tell?

I’m filing away self-imposed deadlines, lofty goals I’ll never

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