Google spoodle and get a spork.

The Spork

My kitchen adventures continue to boggle my friends and family. They can’t believe I was once a bonafide member of a gourmet club, cooking up such sophisticated cuisine as beef Wellington and swordfish en papilotte.

But long about the late 90s something happened. I don’t know, maybe I was sitting too close to the television set and something mutated, but suddenly I could barely put together a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and make it look decent.

There was a time when I had a complete set of copper-clad cookware which gleamed from a rack over my stove. Unfortunately it all tarnished and I couldn’t gather the energy to polish it. I had every kitchen gadget known to man – and a few I have no idea what purpose they serve. I was really embarrassed the other day when a friend asked if she could borrow my spoodle.


I stifled a school-girl giggle. I guessed a spoodle would be a poodle that’s been bred with a schnauzer. No, that’s a Schnoodle! I raced to the computer and Googled spoodle. The explanation was that spoodle is similar to a spork. Say what?

Finally I found pictures which were worth the thousand words used to describe these babies. The point is, just when you think you know a lot, you get caught up short by useless gadgets like spoodles and sporks.